Customized Solution for Low Pressure Injection Molding
Product Manufacturing
We are professional and valuable. From product design to final testing,
we always keepopen communication with customers.
Perfect Protection for Fragile Electronic Components
No matter how complex your electronic components are,
we can work with you to design the best overmolding solutions.
For Reliable Electronic Products
Components protection has new requirements, because of the trend of product miniaturization
with the increasing consumption of sensitive and expensive electronic components.
Environmental Technology, Green Development
Clean and safe production environment meets
environmental protection requirements.

    Customer Feedback

    Durable and reliable business partnerships with our customers.

    • Mr. Jiang
      Engineering Manager

      Low pressure injection molding equipment help us to solve the problem of production efficiency and improve the product quality. KONIG provides us with the complete solution, includes the material, mold and equipment. Our product improves competitiveness due to KONIG professional technical ability and the perfect service.

    • Mr. Cao
      Sourcing Engineer

      KONIG has outstanding supporting and working attitude in technical team.

    • Mr. Qian
      Sourcing Engineer

      It’s our first time to purchase the equipment that made in China, the technology fully meets our requirements. KONIG equipment is in the quite high level.